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Each organisation is different

Every organization has its own style of functioning. Usual organizations prefer taking off the shelf ERP Software.

But organizations who consciously understand that when various internal operations are to be simplified and to be efficient in the long-run a Custom Software  Development is the best fit.

We do Custom Software Development for companies where the Senior Management easily gets the bird-eye view of current projects in hand along with key reports at their fingertips. This helps the Senior Management in their daily day-to-day decision making.

Custom Software Development

We are a complete package when it comes to attaining all types Digital Services,

hence we are Fullstack Digital Agency.

From Digital Marketing to in-house development & coding team,

we offer one of the core services that we really excel in, Custom ERP Development.

Basic Idea is to understand the various working processes of the organisation,

optimize the process in an efficient way

& design a unique ERP Software dedicated to that organisation.

Brief steps in our approach to build a Custom ERP Software

for your organisation are as follows,

custom erp development step 1

Step 1: Understand the pain point

We then sit down with executives of concerned departments related to the pain points & guage the exact workflow happening currently.

custom erp development step 2

Step 2: Understand the current working

We hear it out from the Senior Management about the exact pain point & understand what exactly they want as an output from this new custom made ERP Software.

custom erp development step 3

Step 3: Do our ‘Thinking’ for an efficient solution

Here it is all about we applying our ‘minds’ to give an optimal solution that eases the current working process with highest efficiency.

custom erp development step 4

Step 4: Present the Solution

Our ideas for your organisation are then presented to the Senior Management & the team from various departments.

Step 5: Know your Feedback

Based on the solution pitched we take care of changes & alternate approach as per the feedback. This helps in finalising a concrete Technical Brief.

Step 6: Code

As per the Technical Brief our development team builds the Custom ERP solution & also implement in your organisationin the committed timeline.

Step 7: Implement & Train

Here it is all about we applying our ‘minds’ to give an optimal solution that eases the current working process with highest efficiency.

Let us Code for you!

We are just a whisker away to understand your need and deliver a flawless Custom ERP Solution for your organisation!